Tinder? I barely know her! -ethics in the dating craze

  1. Take Action : Tinder is dedicated to resolving any and all issues our users may have with or within our service. This includes but is not limited to eliminating potential scam/catfish accounts, working alongside criminal investigations, and ensuring the safety of our users.
  2. Diversity : Tinder believes that diversity is an integral part in making connections. Tinder will not only promote diversity, but encourage it on the app.
  3. Promote Safe Interactions : Tinder knows that love-at-first-swipe won’t always happen; sometimes it’s “love-at-fourth-date-after-a-lot-of-texting-and-getting-to-know-each-other-but-still-having-thoughts-that-they-might-be-a-serial-killer”. Tinder wants to help ensure the safety of our users; making safety signals and help available at all times.

For Tinder’s Consideration….

I strongly believe that Tinder has great potential to make life-long matches built on true connection, as well as combat and prevent unfortunate situations that might arise from the app. While a Code of Ethics can help in this effort, major changes and features can be made to further help the dating app. These are a few features I believe Tinder should consider implementing in order to maintain this Code of Ethics.

  1. Flagged Words & Phrases: while some words and phrases have double-meaning, many have negative connotations. Tinder can flag users who use derogatory language and choose to take action from there.
  2. Reporting Through Tinder: many unfortunate circumstances that result from Tinder have a lot to do with user’s identities being a secret: with first names only, many victims are unable to file reports against their attackers because they do not have enough information. Filing a report through Tinder not only notifies Tinder of the harmful user, but allows Tinder to share that user’s information with the police.



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