Take a Byte of your Niche

Creating a Niche platform has many benefits in today’s rapid paced social media environment. Having a specific audience for material allows for higher engagement, and more accurate analytics. I want to take a closer look at a my favorite Niche Platform, focusing mostly on the new looping video app, Byte.

Byte is currently in beta testing, showcasing the app for select users. Dom Hofmann helped to create Vine, and decided that he wanted to continue aiding in content creation even after Vine’s death in 2017. Hofmann introduced “Byte” and immediately anyone who ever loved Vine wanted to be a part of it, myself included. Dom created a Discord server with the help of a few friends to gain insight and perspective from the future “byters”.

Discord & Slack

While these platforms may arguably not be considered social media, I believe that platforms such as Discord and Amino are the epitome of a niche platform, and works to go even deeper into the niche. The apps are designed to act as a message/discussion board for different pages, and within those pages are separate channels to distinguish conversations topics, etc.

Amino and Discord are similar and different in their own ways, but in my life have had a similar function. Currently I belong to three Discords and one Amino. My Discord servers include the Byte server, an Area 51 (memes) server, and a server for a content creator (Tyler) I manage, and my Amino is for twenty one pilots fans. Each of these servers have their own audience. Tyler’s server is comprised of Tyler’s friends and following, so the channels are for Tyler to share information, ask for advice, and get an understanding of his audience. The Byte discord serves the same purpose, and in a way served as the beta to the beta testing. We were able to collaborate, discuss, and share our input in order to make the app successful. I’m happy to say that the Byte Beta has been running very smoothly, and has included multiple features that the Discord has been eager to pursue.

Back to Byte

Scrolling through the “global” page of the Byte Beta is like scrolling through the trending page on Vine, it’s almost as if nothing has changed. With the Niche platform of Discord playing a role in the creation of Byte, Byte itself has become a like-minded, well-oiled machine. The Byte community is very like-minded, and those accessing the beta were accessing the Discord. The Byte Discord not only allowed for a better understanding of the app and how it would perform, but allowed for the content to flow and mesh well.

https://twitter.com/dhof/status/1174811307163508737?s=20 (this thread demonstrates this!)

I believe that Niche Platforms can be very beneficial. Some of my favorite apps are Niche Platforms, and I love being able to get my daily dose of whatever it is through each platform. Whether it’s used to interact with like-minded people (Amino, Discord, Meetup), or to find products to make a room come to life (Houzz), Niche Platforms help content creators and users feel more at home.

References: https://awario.com/blog/7-niche-social-media-platforms/

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