Redbubble : more than black and white

During my time as an undergraduate, I always found myself navigating through Redbubble’s website. Whether to purchase a tapestry, phone case, t-shirt or stickers, I was always impressed with what I could find on Redbubble.

Redbubble is more than a site that sells graphic art on different items. Redbubble is a platform for artists to upload designs, and transform them into whatever their heart desires: clocks, phone cases, laptop covers, blankets, totes, etc. The versatility of Redbubble allows any and all users to express their creativity, whether through uploading art or purchasing a work for themselves.

With Redbubble being so versatile and advanced, the target market is very expansive; ranging from artists, to those who appreciate it. Redbubble often targets their ads to those who have recently visited the site; I believe that this strategy is very intuitive with their expansive audience. Redbubble often showcases items that were previously browsed through in these ads. For example; I was searching through Redbubble for a twenty one pilots themed laptop case. There were so many great designs that I couldn’t narrow it down to one. I wanted to compare designs and prices on other platforms, and got swept away in a twenty one pilots hole. The next day, a Redbubble ad appeared with the same designs I was looking for. I remembered how appealing these designs were, and quickly logged back on to purchase the laptop case I still use to this day. This very specific form of targeted advertising can be very effective.

In addition to their more specific approach, Redbubble has a target audience of college students. Redbubble sells many different designs in sticker form; stickers being the one thing all college students can’t seem to live without. Advertisements of stickers targeted to college students based on their interest tend to lead consumers to the site, where they are sucked in and encouraged to browse other variations of their favorite design. Many of my colleagues, classmates, and sorority sisters have visited Redbubble with the intent of buying one sticker. A few clicks later, their cart has a few of the extra products that Redbubble has to offer.

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