Pop-Tarts Pop Off — social listening on your favorite tasty treat

Pop-Tarts : the delicious snack you wanted your mom to buy instead of cereal or granola bars is now one of twitter-user’s favorite accounts. Joining the ranks of @Wendys and @Moonpie, @PopTartsUS have appealed to twitter consumers with their hilarious and relatable content. PopTarts are known for not only their knowledge of memes and trends, but for their thoughtful-yet-hilarious customer interactions. Before conducting a social listening experiment on PopTarts, I would have made the assumption that the overall read from their audience was positive. After further digging on TweetDeck and Awario, I found that @PopTartsUS holds a special place in the hearts of many.

With 209.5k followers, PopTarts follows 9 other accounts including SunnyD, MoonPie, and Wendy’s. These accounts are also known for their appeal to and success with a younger audience; attracting like-minded followers to their account and product. PopTarts does their best to reply to every customer-service-oriented tweet, as well as the funny ones along the way. Customers love interacting with PopTarts online because not only is it a quick resolution, but a positive experience. A simple look at the replies tab on their twitter account can show the engagement they have with their consumers and followers.

A simple look at their timeline can show their positive reaction from twitter as well. Their most recent tweet has 48.3k likes, with 5,000 people talking about it.

In looking at the positive feedback on Awario, and my own digging on Twitter, I can confidently say that @PopTartsUS not only has a positive online presence, but maintains a positive presence in the world of tasty treats. Appealing to a younger audience, and staying in touch with internet trends is a fruitful tool that Pop-Tarts has mastered and used to their advantage.



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