Netflix’s Return on your $9 a month Investment

Netflix is dominating the streaming service industry in the same ways Band-Aid has dominated the bandage industry. Becoming the leading streaming service, with the widest social online presence, Netflix’s company objective is : captivate their audience, while enticing future clients.

With the release of new seasons, and the launch of new shows on the streaming platform, Netflix has a tendency to create social media profiles specifically for certain characters within each show. For example, Bojack Horseman is a Netflix Original animated show. For the premiere of its final season, Netflix has created multiple campaigns in anticipation. The account Bojack Horseman (an animated, fictional horse) has crafted multiple tweets and instagram posts, sharing multiple stories pertaining to the release of the final season. The Netflix Comedy account “NetflixIsAJoke” allowed Bojack Horseman to do a Twitter Takeover. These campaigns not only helped to promote the show to new viewers, but captivated viewers who were already dedicated to the show.

Netflix has done a good job in creating Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Time-limited (SMART) goals pertaining to their campaigns. Some of these goals include timed polls, instagram story reactions, and applicable trend campaigns. In measuring the success of these campaigns, the most applicable KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators are Online Community Performance, and Engagement Performance.

Netflix itself has a large following, and serves as a dominating presence in the world of streaming services. It is to Netflix’s benefit to continue creating Netflix-affiliated accounts dedicated to popular shows, characters, and themes. Creating specific accounts allows Netflix as a platform to more accurately measure Engagement, and the Online Community specifically for each show. In uploading polls, photos and videos, impressions can be analyzed to see how much attention a particular show’s online presence is receiving, as well as predict the reaction of audience members. Numbers can also be measure in ways of follower count, noticing how many people anticipate the release of a new show, or how many people have hopped onto the bandwagon of a show after its release.

The outcomes we would want from these social media efforts goes back to the company objective of captivating the audience while enticing future viewers. In using SMART goals, and measuring the KPI’s of overall audience engagement & performance, Netflix can get an accurate measure of the success of not only their platform as a streaming service, but their shows as individual pieces of success.