Love Your Melon — Best Practices Guide

I’ve always been very passionate about pediatric illness treatment and awareness. When I came across Love Your Melon’s instagram profile, I instantly fell in love. Their bio was very straight to the point, their stories were enticing and uniform, and their feed was very aesthetically pleasing. While there are plenty of things that Love Your Melon does successfully, I do believe that there are areas for improvement on their instagram feed. These improvements can maximize engagement and interaction with their audience, as well as showcase their purpose in supporting pediatric illness awareness research with beanies and woven wear.


Love Your Melon has fairly inconsistent caption lengths. Many captions fall within the suggested character limit, while others are very lengthy. You can see here that the caption is short, sweet, and includes an emoji related to the photo. This caption suits the photo well, “a little gold for your fall look” is a very straightforward, yet charming caption for this photo.

Since Love Your Melon is a company that helps to fight pediatric illness, they also post photos for awareness, such as this one. I personally love the photo itself, however the caption is far too long. In fact it’s so long that it doesn’t fit into a screenshot. I think stories like this are more suitable as a stories series, especially since this photo doesn’t exactly fit into the aesthetic they’ve created.


In going through each photo, Love Your Melon only uses four hashtags per post. It seems like there is a formula for the hashtags they include in their captions: #LoveYourMelon is always first, followed by a trending hashtag that relates to the photo (such as #FallOOTD), followed by the line that product is under (#MetallicGold), followed by #PediatricCancerAwareness (in most posts). I think that Love Your Melon chooses their hashtags wisely, however I don’t believe they are maximizing the engagement on their photos with only using four hashtags. If I were to add more hashtags to the first photo, I would want to include #metallic #maroon #beanie #garnet #fallweather #winterweather #sweaterweather #sweater #blonde #headwear and #stringlights just for starters. Love Your Melon is a phenomenal company that has a great social media presence, and that presence can be maximized with more hashtags to draw people in to engage.


I’ve watched one of Love Your Melon’s live stories before. It was a tremendous event that you could tell a lot of thought went into, however there was not a large number of people on the live event. Had this event been promoted beforehand (even a week) on their posts, and in their stories, there would have been much more audience interaction on the live. Moving forward, Love Your Melon needs to inform their followers of upcoming events, and sales.

Audience Interaction

Love Your Melon is very good about interacting with their followers and audience in a way that is personal, strategic, and professional. In the following interactions, you see some repeat responses, and some personal responses. I believe that Love Your Melon does a tremendous job in handling interactions, my only suggestion is to make each just a touch more personal with a different emoji.

Presence & Aesthetic

Everything about the instagram revolves around this sophisticated presence that Love Your Melon has created for themselves. During Pediatric Awareness Month in Spetember, they introduced statistical graphics. The graphics were very informative, and matched the layout of the feed, alternating between graphic-photo-graphic. My only suggestion for this method is to keep the captions to those graphics concise, perhaps explaining more about the statistic in a story feature, prompting followers to “check out our story for more info!”. Other than that, Love Your Melon did a great job integrating that strategy into their feed, and picking up where they left off afterwards.

I love that each photo draws attention to the products in a way that isn’t too overbearing. Having dogs wrapped in their blankets or having a cup of coffee with their bedding showcases the multiple ways in which Love Your Melon can function in your life, and how you can help to combat pediatric illness.

Love Your Melon does many things well, and I believe they can do an even better job promoting their company and their fight against pediatric illness with a few improvements. Love Your Melon needs to be concise with their captions, drawing their followers to watch their story. Love Your Melon needs to embrace the use of hashtags to bring the users of instagram to their page, which is already so beautifully designed. Love Your Melon can be a tad bit more personal in their formatted responses, adding an emoji or kind tag line every now and then.