La-Z-boy’s not-so-lazy approach in selling more than recliners

Moving on from recliners, La-Z-Boy has enlisted the help of Kristen Bell to promote their other pieces of furniture; not just recliners. In their recent commercial, Kristen Bell not only announces herself as the spokesperson for La-Z-Boy, she announces/reminds everyone that La-Z-Boy sells more than comfortable recliners.

Kristen Bell’s partnership with La-Z-Boy furniture showcased the company as comfort and style, not just luxury. Given her unproblematic, relatable, and positive presence as a celebrity, Kristen Bell was the most obvious choice La-Z-Boy could have made. Kristen Bell has appealed to many in her various roles, similar to how La-Z-Boy furniture appeals to various demographics with their various pieces of furniture. Kristen, a wearer of many hats, promotes her message “keep it real” in her campaign with La-Z-Boy: showcasing the beautiful, practical, variety of furniture that La-Z-Boy has to offer for any season of life. I had never considered making a La-Z-Boy purchase until coming across Bell’s campaign. Now I have three different pieces of La-Z-Boy furniture in my wish-list; and they’re not recliners.

The benefit of having a spokesperson or influencer to represent your brand is not only their ability to share your brand, but their ability to represent your brand in a relatable way. Kristen Bell is the ideal spokesperson for La-Z-Boy because she appeals to their audience and positively represents their brand. Any business looking for a spokesperson or influencer to promote their brand should consider that persons relatability to their target audience, and their general influence on their audience as well.

With that being said, I believe that La-Z-Boy could benefit from adding another relatable personality to their influencer campaign. Ali Fedotowsky would bring a whole new audience to La-Z-Boy products; including Bachelor Nation.

Ali Fedotowsky was the Bachelorette for season 6 of the hit television program. America fell in love with Ali and her campaign photos wearing converse with a wedding dress. The ABC network marketed her as the “down-to-earth” and relatable bachelorette. Since her season, Ali has gotten married, had two kids, made several guest appearances on talk shows, co-hosted Hallmark’s Home&Family show, started a podcast, and promoted multiple brands through her social channels.

With over half a million followers on instagram, Ali Fedotowsky would be the perfect addition to this La-Z-Boy campaign. Ali has adopted the “relatable mom” role in her social channels, very similar to Kristen Bell. While Kristen is doing a great job in promoting La-Z-Boy to her own audience, Ali would bring Bachelor Nation to La-Z-Boy: approximately 8 million people.

Ali not only relates to La-Z-Boy’s current target audience, but she would do a tremendous job in bringing in new customers. Not to mention, a Kristen Bell — Ali Fedotowsky joint commercial would certainly make me, and many others, very very happy.



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