#FindThemOnBumble: The Buzz Behind the Multi-Million Dollar Campaign

With a mission centered around women empowerment, Bumble has always been one of my favorite brands to follow and interact with online. Many people think that Bumble is just a dating app, but they have two other modes that users can use as well. Bumble BFF is for finding friends with similar interests, while Bumble Bizz is for users to network and make professional connections. Bumble does a great job outlining these differences and opportunities on their social accounts, but in 2018, they chose to crank it up a notch.

#FindThemOnBumble is a social media campaign highlighting the various modes and personalities you can use and find on Bumble. The ultimate goal of the campaign was to increase the number of users across all modes of their app; predominantly in New York City. The brand found 100+ influential users from each mode of their app. They shared their profiles, told their stories, and encouraged users to find them on Bumble. They plastered spreads and layouts all across New York City: on buses, subway stations, benches, newspapers, magazines, and online as well. Alongside their out-of-home efforts, bumble released a short-form docuseries of their 100+ influencers, sharing their stories and passions beyond their Bumble profile.

In addition to these videos and posts, Bumble created a separate account strictly for the campaign. This was a brilliant move for Bumble. Creating one authentic space and layout for the campaign allowed users and inquiring users to find all the information they needed in one place, without interrupting their current following.

The goal of this campaign was to increase users across all modes of the platform, but how do they know if the multi-million dollar campaign was successful? The buzz swarming around the #FindThemOnBumble campaign was astronomical. Thousands of posts were created using the hashtag, and sharing photos of the campaign. While these are key performance indicators of brand awareness within the campaign, the primary key performance indicator of this campaign was increased app downloads in New York City. Beyond that, the increased number of profiles created on their BFF and Bizz modes is a KPI as well.