DoubleTree by Hilton’s dedication to Hospitality (and fresh cookies)

DoubleTree, a chain of hotels by Hilton, is not only known for their brilliant hospitality, but the redefinition of it. With their Vision to “fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality,” DoubleTree strives to operate according to their values of Hospitality, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Ownership, and Now. From great service and attention to detail, to freshly baked cookies, DoubleTree goes above and beyond the expectations of any guest.

My dad does a lot of traveling, and stays in numerous hotels. When I asked him what came to his mind when I mentioned the DoubleTree, the first thing he said was “delicious cookies and great service”. Of course I wasn’t surprised, I would have said the same thing. My freshman year of college, I was traveling with the Marching Chiefs of FSU to the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl in Atlanta. Upon arriving at our DoubleTree Hotel, there were employees standing outside of our busses with boxes full of fresh chocolate chip cookies. There were about 430+ people arriving at the hotel between the 8 busses, and about 430+ fresh cookies waiting outside our doors. The DoubleTree did a phenomenal job in providing excellent service: notifying us of the amenities, services, places in town, and even giving us extra cookies and water while we sat in the lobby. Since that stay, I’ve made it a point to book with the DoubleTree at all times possible.

I cannot imagine that other guests feel any differently. DoubleTree has taken on such a positive, helpful, and hospitable tone that it is hard to experience anything less. Upon looking at their social media channels, DoubleTree’s online presence is consistent with their in-person presence: light and warm. Scrolling through their feeds and reading replies is almost like eating a warm cookie in a DoubleTree lobby itself. Their social media accounts do a tremendous job in living out their mission and values: from showcasing their famous cookies and incredible campaigns to polite and timely responses. DoubleTree has done a phenomenal job in remaining consistent across platforms, and showcasing their light and warm passion for hospitality.

DoubleTree’s latest campaign is to bring their famous cookies to space: their idea that space can be hospitable too; truly living out the vision to bring warmth and light to the earth — well, universe. This campaign showcases just what DoubleTree is all about, and how serious they are about creating hospitality for everyone: even in space.




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